About Dr. Cherif


Dr. Cherif Sidiali is an expert on Arabic culture, terrorism, international relations, public policy, Islam, and Democracy.

Cherif is a North Africa native who witnessed firsthand the social and political changes that occurred during the 80s and 90s in Algeria as the result of terrorism and violence. Thousands of innocent people died, children became orphans and the country was under siege. Cherif’s motivation as a writer stems from political, social events, and conflicts surrounding the world today. Terrorism, democracy, and diverse cultural perspectives are the main topics for his writings.

Cherif is a professor and lecturer on topics in global business, international relations, global leadership and international policy analysis. Dr. Cherif is a also professional linguist, fluent in several languages, who excels at bridging cultural and national gaps. In addition to teaching, Dr. Cherif is CEO of GLDTI (Global Leadership and Diversity Training Institute), and served as a Civil Rights Commissioner promoting social justice and equality.